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Want to come up with the next cutting-edge idea to save the environment?


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Not only will the winners be able to win the funding to launch their product or idea, but they will get a chance to present their ideas to the Leaders in Bali to make a real impact!


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Welcome to The Regenerating Earth Challenge (REC)

"Turning Problems in to Opportunities for Sustainable Impact"



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Do you want to save the planet? Perhaps you've volunteered to clean the beach and been disheartened to find it messed up once you've left? Or perhaps you are currently doing worthwhile activities and need to find a sustainable model to keep your activities going on?


Then the Regenerating Earth Challenge is for you. The program can not only help you come up with creative ways to sustainably tackle pressing social and environmental issues, but it can also help you tap funds to see your programs succeed. The online course is a prequil to the full 2-day intensive workshop we do so you can find ways to be part of the Regenerating Earth movement with a ZERO budget! Take the Challenge NOW!


The program on Bali is for schools and universities students. The students with the best ideas will get a FREE one-day cutting-edge presentations skills training session be presented at a Speak Out Challenge. The winners from the various categories will get to partake in the Mindful Entrepreneur 2-day program valued at $20,000 USD to present their ideas in front of Indonesian leaders at the Regenerating Earth Conference in association with TED. If live outside of Bali then you can do the FULL course online. If you are an entrepreneur then click here and you will be directed to the Mindful Billionaire site.


The Prize for the best ideas will not only get a chance to pitch their idea for funding to angel investors, but will also get $5000 and a matching fund for their school.


The ideas and results of the challenge will be available on this website.

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"The way we think determines how we respond and therefore behave. This in turn affects the result(s) we get. If we can find a new way of thinking we are bound to get different results. Likewise we can also determine the way we need to think from the results we want to achieve."

Alan Bywaters, Managing Director