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About the People Behind Regenerating Earth Challenge

"Understanding that many MEs results in a WE concious"



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"The Queen Bees working for other Beehives" Our team is a constant evolving collaboration of many individuals. From seasoned experts and leaders to indiviuals at all levels of the chain. A consortium of busy people fitting in ways to consistantly contribute where they can and develop programs towarsd one shared goal. The true hive mind.


The core contributors: Special thanks to R.O.L.E. Foundation,


The core team: Amir Rabik, Agus Mantik, H.H. Ida Pedenda Sebali, Alan Bywaters.



"We're in an very interesting times. Today is when the Gods step down from their thrones to serve, and where the person at the bottom of the rung is encouraged and supported to reach the heights they want."

Alan Bywaters, Managing Director