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"What more could you want than a better world and a bit of money to more than sustain you?"



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The Awards are owned by you the public. There is a cash prize award for the person who can best convince a business they need to change to be better for Bali.


Incentivised change - a company won't change unless there are heavy fines. But if they can see a way to make more money then they'll do it.


These are the programs we currently have running. The person who can best convince their business that they can get involved with this, then they will get the honorary rating of Green Police.


The Mindful Awards are held once a year at some fancy place with cool entertainment and great food. Here we honor those businesses and green police who have made a real difference to Bali.



"The way we think determines how we respond and therefore behave. This in turn affects the result(s) we get. If we can find a new way of thinking we are bound to get different results. Likewise we can also determine the way we need to think from the results we want to achieve."

Alan Bywaters, Managing Director