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"Turning Problems in to Opportunities for Sustainable Impact"



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Do you want tap creativity to find sustainable solutions and end poverty? What about coming up with a device that solves the world's water crisis? What if you could find the technology of the future invented today? Would that excite you?


Then the Regenerating Earth Challenge is for you.


The 3-hour online course is an introduction to Mindfulness and it's application to creativity and ending the world's problems. It's fun, it's different and it's the beginning to the 2-day workshop.


The 2-day online course is designed to give you the skills and tools to develop new neural networks in your brain that get you thinking outside fo the box and discovering the technoliges and innovtive programs that are changing the world today.


The 2-day in person course is where you will meet Alan 1-to-1 and learn the skills in person. He will show you how to tap your inner potential and tap this brand new industry. This program is held in Bali twice a month.


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"The way we think determines how we respond and therefore behave. This in turn affects the result(s) we get. If we can find a new way of thinking we are bound to get different results. Likewise we can also determine the way we need to think from the results we want to achieve."

Alan Bywaters, Managing Director